How can Sunflower help your nonprofit?

We go beyond the obvious.
Simply put, I am here to help you secure nonprofit and for-profit grants. I will use the 22 years of experience I have working in the nonprofit world to get us there. 

Services Offered

    Services Offered for Nonprofit and For-profit Organizations

    • Grant Research
    • Grant Writing
    • Grant Reporting
    • Grant Review and Consultation
    • Special Additional Grants for things like Art Programs or Introductions for other Neighborhood Based Collaborations 
    • Business Plan Development

    I charge an hourly rate for my services. Call for a complimentary consultation.

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    10 Tips for Landing a Grant

    1. In case you’re wondering, it is a competition.
    2. You need to have audited or professionally reviewed financials to submit with your grant. It’s not an excuse to be a young or new nonprofit and not have these.
    3. Good research is the cornerstone of all good grant writing.
    4. What’s your plan after getting the grant? Grant money is a great way to get started, but you need a long-term plan for support of your programs.
    5. You should apply to more than one Foundation to make sure you can receive the full funding you are hoping for.
    6. A grant that is not funded is not a failure. It gave you a chance to introduce yourself to a new funder and get useful feedback regarding why you were not selected this time.
    7. You must have an online presence that funders can refer to as they review your application. A website is critical and often, required.
    8. Make sure you know your deadlines. Funders do not accept late applications, no matter what the excuse.
    9. Grants can take a long time to process. Expect to wait several months to find out if you have been awarded funding.
    10. Hiring a skilled grant writer, such as someone from Sunflower Grant Writers, can help you ensure much greater success!

    More Grant Tips

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