How can Sunflower help your nonprofit?

Simply put, I am here to help you secure grants. I will use the 18 years of experience I have working in the nonprofit world to get us there. 

Services Offered

    Services Offered:

    • Grant Research
    • Grant Writing
    • Grant Reporting
    • Grant Review
    • Special Additional Grants for things like Art Programs or Introductions for other Neighborhood Based Collaborations¬†

    I charge an hourly rate for my services. Call for a complimentary consultation.

    10 Tips for Landing a Grant

    1. In case you’re wondering, it is a competition.

    2. You need to have audited financials to submit with your grant. It’s not an excuse to be a young/new nonprofit and not have them.

    3. Good research is the key to all good grant writing.

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    More tips

    Check out this video from a podcast I was on about all things grants: